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What’s Your Style?

Your home should be beautiful on the outside as well as the inside.  Just as there are people of varied cultures and ethnic backgrounds, our homes and decor can showcase our tastes, culture and economic status.  However, you don’t have to have a lot of money to have a beautiful home.  There are many decor styles that reflect the diversity of our society.  At ZBella Furniture, we carry many different styles  and unique items.  Please take time to browse our store as we’re sure you’ll find something that you love.

  • Scandinavian

Since its major acceptance in the 1950s, the Scandinavian style has sporadically risen to prominence and has well been appreciated by the majority of homeowners who care about interior designs. The design has become so popular it’s almost in any Singaporean home, and even this doesn’t make it look too common either. Known to depict simplicity and affordability over a display of wealth, the design popularly consists of a mix of wooden and brick walls. Even better, it is very easy to maintain – just in case you want a design of content.

  • Industrial

The industrial style, particularly, is regarded as the most popular style among Singaporean homes, and its popularity doesn’t seem like it will diminish either. It has more of an urbanized outlook and a utilitarian taste, giving it a sophisticated allure. Characterized by brick walls and cement flooring, this style can be quite expensive.

  • Eclectic

This design comes in a splash of different mixes to form a blissful remix. The eclectic interior design turns your home into a palette of the conventional design interspersed with a totally unconventional one, even adding together different colors and cultural makeups alien to one another – like a mix of Western and Eastern cultural designs in one place. The beauty of an eclectic interior design only shows if executed perfectly, otherwise, it’s a colossal waste and could be a terrible sight.

  • Resort-inspired

Why feel at home in your house when you can feel at a resort, in your house? This is the catch for anyone who wants a relaxing, cool, calm translucently engaging home to return to after a hectic day; a resort-inspired interior design. This particular design connects you more with the natural, characterized by natural-inspired elements and a lot of greenery. Even more, resort-inspired interior designs, if further, can help you smell and taste the feel of nature.

  • Minimalist

This has also become sporadically popular in Singapore. Similar to the Scandinavia design, the minimalist design is simple and uncluttered, created in a way to depict an aura of semi-apathy towards gaining and keeping material possessions, or being motivated by the same. Characterized by few spaces, basic, and materials almost maintenance free, this is also a design for the content.



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Did you know?

Did you know that your home decor can impact your mood?  Think about how you feel when you walk through the door of your home or when you invite guests over.  Do you feel happy, proud, or embarrassed?  Is your home neat and organized or cluttered and chaotic?   Think about how you feel in your space.  Your home should be your sanctuary and reflect your unique style and taste.  

You can make a big impact with small changes to colors, layout, and textural accents. You don’t need to spend a fortune on new furniture. A new lamp, candle, bowl, wall art, or plant can do wonders for your space. There is nothing worse than a big blank wall space. It looks cold and boring! You can use beautiful patterns, colors, and artwork to liven up your wall.   

At ZBella Furniture, we make it easy to give your home a makeover on a budget.  Give your rooms a facelift with our modern, traditional, or industrial accents. We have wall decor, home decor, lighting, rugs, candles, and furniture. We also have Home Decor Collections such a Nikki Chu, Sunrise Collection (candles), the Accent Plus Collection and more.  Please take time to browse our site where you can get a stylish home at affordable prices.